Galato Trucking

Providing Superior Service

What is Galato Trucking?

Galato Trucking, is an experienced carrier specializing in flatbed and oversized loads,
to trucking services we provide various additional transportation services such as warehousing, off-loading and docking, trailer staging and more.

Full Truck Load

Galato's specialty is dedicated, full-truckload transportation, we service round-trip, multi-stop, and closed-loop routes.

Capacity Solutions

We can quickly add capacity, secure specialty equipment, or coordinate international and intermodal transportation to meet your unique needs

Workforce Development

Our services include organizational planning, position development, training, and other solutions based on the specific needs of your project.

Ship Anywhere, Anytime!

We know supply chain disruptions are unpredictable. Galato Trucking is available around the clock, including same-day, door to door service.

Strategic Transportation and Logistics Solutions

When you need it on time, done right, or delivered safely, trust Rush. We have the experience, resources, and capacity to solve your transportation and logistics challenges.