Bridging the Communication Gap Between Physicians and Patients.

What is Appivly

Appivly is a medical surveys app highly focused on elderly patients.

For Doctors

With Appivly you are in control. You determine which patients you see, your availability, consult rates & response times.

For Patients

Appivly is a mobile application that allows you to talk to all of your doctors and specialists, directly from your smartphone.

Analyse and Recommend

You are in control of who and when you offer virtual care, and continue providing healthcare.

Review or Export Consults

Need to remember a diagnosis you gave one of your patients or upload the consult into your EMR? Patient consults are securely stored in the App for you to reference or download when you need them.

Easily ePrescribe and eRefer

It’s simple to set-up and offer ePrescriptions or provide eReferrals to colleagues or other specialists within the App. Connect and confer with colleagues using the robust Colleague Chat or Group Chat features.